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Five-Picture Charades: A Flexible Model for Technology Training in Digital Media Tools and Teaching Strategies

by Curby Alexander, University of North Texas; & Thomas C. Hammond, Lehigh University

In this article the authors present Five-Picture Charades, an instructional activity designed to introduce preservice and in-service teachers to the technical and pedagogical uses of digital images in the classroom. Because digital images can be repurposed into several different types of digital media projects, Five-Picture Charades is described as a flexible model for educating teachers about creating and editing digital media. The authors also discuss pedagogical uses of this activity across the content areas, as well as describe ways to relate Five-Picture Charades to lesson planning and curriculum development projects.

Authentic Project-Based Design of Professional Development for Teachers Studying Online and Blended Teaching

by Nicki Dabner, University of Canterbury e-Learning Lab, NEW ZEALAND; Niki Davis, University of Canterbury e-Learning Lab, NEW ZEALAND; & Pinelopi Zaka, University of Canterbury e-Learning Lab, NEW ZEALAND

Online learning and teaching is rapidly increasing in many countries, including high schools in the USA and teacher education worldwide. Online and blended approaches to professional and organizational development are, therefore, becoming essential to enable effective and equitable education. Authentic project-based learning to support the evolution of best practices in online and blended learning in the professional contexts of the students is the current practice shared in this paper. Through a description of our postgraduate course, its pedagogy and student artifacts, its impacts are illustrated in K-12 schools and teacher education within and beyond New Zealand. Authentic online formative assessment is at the core of the pedagogy described.