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Increasing Computer Use in Early Childhood Teacher Education: The Case of a “Computer Muddler”

by KARL F. WHEATLEY, Cleveland State University

How broadly will computers be used in PK-12 teaching? Reform efforts have often succeeded in getting many teachers to experiment in modest ways with some aspects of those reforms, although often only temporarily, and have also provided some stellar and enduring examples of transformed teaching (e.g., Dunn, 2000). However, in a century of American educational […]


Proceedings of the Fourth National Technology Leadership Summit: Open Resources in Education

Edited by: GLEN BULL AND JOE GAROFALO University of Virginia, USA Preface: Rationale for Building an Educational Source Forge The underpinnings of computer science were developed in university research centers. University researchers often shared and exchanged code as a way of learning new programming techniques. During that era, the majority of software was what might […]


Directions in Electronic Portfolio Development

by DAVID GIBSON, National Institute for Community Innovations, Vermont Institutes; & HELEN BARRETT, University of Alaska Anchorage, International Society for Technology in Education

This article explores the advantages and trade-offs of two paths to the development of electronic portfolios – using generic tools and using customized systems. The analysis assumes that the goal of electronic portfolios is to stay focused on the quality of work by a learner and the valid alignment of their work to the standards […]