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A Report On the All Purpose Relatively Intelligent Learner Computer

by DAVID MOURSUND, University of Oregon

Author’s Note: This editorial was first published in the April 1988 issue of The Computing Teacher. This was my first attempt to write an April Fool’s editorial. Several people read only part of it, and then quoted it in assignments that they turned in to me. They completely missed the point that it was a […]

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Chesslandia: A Parable

by DAVID MOURSUND, University of Oregon

  Chesslandia was aptly named. In Chesslandia, almost everybody played chess. A child’s earliest toys were chess pieces, chess boards, and figurines of famous chess masters. Children’s bedtime tales focused on historical chess games and on great chess-playing folk heroes. Many of the children’s television adventure programs were woven around a theme of chess strategy. […]

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Information and Communications Technology in Education: A Personal Perspective

by DAVID MOURSUND, University of Oregon

Throughout my professional career I have worked, played, studied, taught, experienced, and learned about Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in Education. I have been an active participant in this field as it has slowly moved from infancy into early childhood. In this article, I will share some of the things that I have learned and […]

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