Commentary Submission Guidelines

If you find a paper interesting and you would like to add something to the discussion, we invite you to submit a commentary to the editors of CITE Journal. The commentary should be in a scholarly format. Treat it as a short article, with appropriate citations where needed. When you submit the commentary, it will be refereed just as a paper would be.

Commentaries and responses in the journal should be at a relatively high level of scholarship. They are not the equivalent of the informal conversations that take place in the many mailing lists and web discussion forums now operating on the Internet. Lists and discussion forums serve an important function, but the critiques in CITE Journal have a specific purpose to advance and support in-depth discussion of scholarly and professional issues in the field in a moderated, refereed environment. Submissions should advance the conversation (rather than repeating previously noted perspectives) and meet the standards applied to any other published work in the journal.

If it is accepted, your commentary or response will be published in the journal as a separate article with its own citation information. Readers will find it in the table of contents of an issue, and it will be in the “thread” of discussion for a particular paper. Of course, this “scholarly conversation” may continue over an extended period of time, and both the original paper’s author, as well as reviewers and readers, may publish a number of responses as the conversation continues. We think this approach to scholarly communication will provide a way for all of us to explore in depth the vital issues in our field.

Instructions for Submitting Your Commentary

  • Click on the link below to submit your commentary.
  • After providing your contact information, select the appropriate content category (math, science, English, social studies, or general technology education).
  • The title of your commentary should include the phrase “A Commentary on Smith and Jones,” but you can also include more in the title (e.g. “Chaos Theory is an Alternative Framework: A Commentary on Smith and Jones”).
  • In the box asking for additional comments, please type the word “Commentary.”

Submit Your Commentary