Gallery of Exemplary Practices: Use of Technology to Teach Content in an Introductory Technology Course

Entries in this category were nominated for innovative practices related to teaching content with technology in an introductory technology course in a teacher education program. They received the highest rankings in the peer review by our selection panel.


The Teacher as Software Developer

The Teacher as Software Developer is the name of a program integrating technology instruction, curriculum, and field experiences in teacher preparation. In an introductory education course for all undergraduate education students, a required technology lab links to a one-day-a-week prepracticum. Preservice students produce a Web site or “software” for their supervising teacher, who is their “client,” and the supervising classroom teacher directs them to authentic curriculum objectives.

The Introductory Technology Course at Adelphi University and the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

This course is intended to introduce physical education majors to the common computer applications necessary for effective teaching in the physical education discipline. Students develop basic competencies, but are also provided with opportunities to experiment with advanced skills. All students develop projects that will be implemented in the actual teaching environment.

The Introductory Technology Course at Wake Forest University

The purpose of the Technology in Education course is to prepare teacher leaders capable of designing and implementing high quality instruction that addresses the needs of diverse learner groups. This purpose recognizes that technology is vital in the ongoing process of high quality curriculum development.

The Introductory Technology Course at the University of Minnesota

The introductory technology course, Technology for Teaching and Learning, prepares preservice teachers to use, integrate, and successfully think with technology in their future classrooms. The course is both content- and cohort-specific allowing for content-specific technology learning in a supportive environment that encourages collaboration across methods courses.


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