Gallery of Exemplary Practices: Use of Technology to Teach Content in a Methods Course

Entries in this category were nominated for innovative use of technology to teach content in a teaching methods course. They received the highest rankings in the peer review by our selection panel.



Web-Based Scientific Inquiry in Preservice Science Methods Courses

mc_winnerDr. Bodzin uses the Web-based Inquiry for Learning Science (WBI) instrument with preservice elementary and secondary science teachers in science methods courses to enhance their understanding of Web-based scientific inquiry. The WBI instrument is designed to help teachers identify Web-based inquiry activities for learning science and classify those activities along a continuum from learner directed to materials directed for each of the five essential features of inquiry, as described in Inquiry and the National Science Education Standards. Implementations of WBI analysis activities in preservice science methods courses are discussed.

Social Studies Methods
Course at the University of Alabama

mc1The Historical Fieldtrip of Alabama Landmarks project in the secondary social studies methods block at the University of Alabama requires preservice teachers to produce “Historical Fieldtrips.” Developing this project allows the preservice teachers to learn digital editing; thus, they are learning an important technology skill while learning specific content. Using video streaming technologies, the videos are also streamed for Alabama teachers to access and integrate into their social studies curriculum.

Secondary Science Methods
Course (broad-field certification) at the University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill

mc2William Veal’s science methods course uses technology to teach science content (integrated with pedagogy) and to increase the student-centered atmosphere of the classroom. He has also created a complete online distance education science methods course for lateral entry teachers. Course requirements dictate that during their student teaching experiences his preservice teachers use electronic presentations of content, and their students conduct investigations on the Internet.

Elementary/Middle School Science Methods
Course at Michigan State University

mc3Dr. Schwarz helps preservice elementary and middle school teachers learn about and use computer modeling and simulation software for their own science learning and teaching within her one-semester undergraduate elementary science methods course. Student teachers use computer models in their own learning of science and some in their own teaching of science. Her goal is for student teachers to understand some of the powerful uses computer technology can play in teaching and learning science and how to evaluate pedagogical computer software tools and integrate these tools into their teaching.