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Technology Leadership Awards

For the past five years, the four teacher educator associations representing the core content areas of science education (AETS), mathematics education (AMTE), English education (CEE), and social studies education (CUFA) have collaborated on a series of national technology leadership initiatives with the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education (SITE). Contemporary Issues in Technology and […]

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Using Technology Tools to Support Learning in the English Language Arts

by Jamie Myers , The Pennsylvania State University

Hypermedia authoring, as taught by Dr. Myers, involves the process of juxtaposing, through video sequences or website hyperlinks, various multimedia “texts”—print, music, video, image, gesture, art, and more— to focus on a life relevant issue or experience represented by these texts. Through the process of creating a hypermedia project, the authors engage in the analysis […]

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Integrating Technology Into an Intermediate Literacy Methods Course

by Denise A. Schmidt, Iowa State University; Donna J. Merkley, Iowa State University; & Carol J. Fuhler, Iowa State University

In recent years, the definition of literacy has evolved to include not only print materials, but visual sign systems and symbols that are easily represented with technology (Harris & Hodges, 1995; Leu & Kinzer, 1999; Valmont, 2003). With this changing definition of literacy comes the challenge of teaching literacy using technology as a tool for […]

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The Introductory Technology Course: A Tool for Technology Integration

by Keith Wetzel, Arizona State University West; Lance Wilhelm, Arizona State University West; & Mia Kim Williams , Arizona State University West

Two years ago the Arizona State University West (ASUW) College of Education accepted a challenge to redesign the preservice curriculum. Teams of faculty met to create a program that aligned with the new state and national teacher education standards and that prepared new teachers to help their K-12 students meet state academic standards. In addition, […]

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EDCI 557: Integrating Technology in the Elementary Curriculum

by Debra Sprague, George Mason University

EDCI 557: Integrating Technology in the Elementary Curriculum is taught within the Elementary Education Program in the Graduate School of Education at George Mason University (GMU). The course is designed to enable students (or “interns”) to develop connections between various content areas and to create and teach interdisciplinary units. A major assignment for this course […]

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