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Preparing Tomorrow’s Teachers to Be Socially and Ethically Aware Producers and Consumers of Interactive Technologies

by David Hicks, Virginia Tech; Pris Sears, Virginia Tech; Huaiyang Gao, Virginia Tech; Paulette Goodman, Virginia Tech; & Jackie Manning, Virginia Tech

  Technological literacy will be a necessity — not a frill — in the 21st century. The most important single benefit that the communications revolution can deliver to each and every child in this country is an advanced cutting-edge 21st century education. The way to do this is to provide modern communications technology to every […]

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Partnership Strategies for Systemic Integration of Technology in Teacher Education

by Kara Dawson, University of Florida; Colleen Swain, University of Florida; Natalie Johnson, Iowa State University; & Gail Ring, University of Florida

Less than a decade ago the majority of teacher education programs in the country offered stand-alone technology courses that focused primarily on technical skills and trouble-shooting strategies to prepare teachers to use technology (U.S. Congress, Office of Technology Assessment [OTA] 1995; Willis & Mehlinger, 1996). It is now recognized that such stand-alone courses are not […]

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