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A Model for Integrating Technology into Teacher Education: One College’s Journey

by Susan Cherup, Hope College; & Lynne Snyder, Hope College

While it is not unusual to find a technology course in education programs across the United States, it is far less common to find an education program that has integrated technology into every aspect of that program. This is what is unique about Hope College’s Education Program. Over the past 10 years, a model for […]


Supporting Student-Centered Teaching and Learning: Technology in Wake Forest University Education Programs

by Ann Cunningham, Wake Forest University

The challenges of teaching in 21st century classrooms place more demands on professional educators. State and national accountability movements increase the need for teachers to demonstrate their students’ growth as well as their own professional development (Danielson, 2001; Lucas, 1999). The need for support networks for both students and teachers increases as fast as classroom […]


Early Childhood Teacher Preparation and Technology Integration: The Arizona State University West Experience

by Michael Kelley, Arizona State University West; Keith Wetzel, Arizona State University West; Helen Padgett, Arizona State University West; Mia Kim Williams, Arizona State University West; & Mary Odom, Arizona State University West

Over the past 6 years, Arizona State University West (ASU West), located in Phoenix, Arizona, has developed an Early Childhood program that features curricula based on the National Education Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T; International Society for Technology in Education [ISTE], 2000), National Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S; ISTE, 2000), and the Arizona Teaching Standards. […]


The Curry School of Education and Long-Term Commitment to Technology Integration

by Randy Bell, University of Virginia; & Mark Hofer, University of Virginia

Technology integration in the Curry School’s teacher education program has been a 15-year effort, initiated and supported by the school’s leadership, spurred on by technology innovators, and adopted by many mainstream education faculty members who have discovered technology’s discipline-specific benefits for teaching and learning. The following vignette describes the path of one student through the […]


Integrating Technology With Meaningful Content and Faculty Research: The UTeach Natural Sciences Program

by Anthony J. Petrosino, University of Texas at Austin; & Gail Dickinson, University of Texas at Austin

Sponsored by the Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education Volume 3, Issue 1   (2003)   ISSN 1528-5804   Read Related Articles Download Print (PDF) Version Petrosino, A. J., & Dickinson, G. (2003). Integrating technology with meaningful content and faculty research: The UTeach Natural Sciences Program. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education [Online serial], 3(1). Available: […]


Implementing the NETS*T: Stories From the First-Round Winners of the ISTE NETS Distinguished Achievement Awards

In 2002, six U.S. teacher education programs were recognized by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) with its first round of ISTE National Educational Technology Standards Distinguished Achievement Awards. These awards recognize institutions exhibiting exemplary models of integration into their teacher education programs of the National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS*T; see […]


Technology Integration: Connections to Educational Theories

by Terri Teal Bucci, The Ohio State University at Mansfield; Jeane Copenhaver, The Ohio State University at Mansfield; Lynn Johnson, The Ohio State University at Mansfield; Barbara Lehman, The Ohio State University at Mansfield; & Thomas O'Brien, The Ohio State University at Mansfield

The Ohio State University at Mansfield (OSU-M), like many institutions, has made technology integration across the curriculum an instructional focus. This article will provide insight into ways in which the education department at OSU-M integrates technology and the educational theories that provide reasons for that integration. As with many new practices, the integration of technology […]