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Using Technology to Support Prospective Science Teachers in Learning and Teaching About Scientific Models

by MICHAEL CULLIN, The Pennsylvania State University; & BARBARA A. CRAWFORD, The Pennsylvania State University

This article presents efforts to support prospective secondary science teachers in learning and teaching about scientific models and the impact of those efforts on their understandings. The role played by scientific models is an often under-emphasized aspect of the conduct of science associated with an understanding of the nature of science and scientific inquiry. The […]


A Bibliography of Articles on Instructional Technology in Science Education

by RANDY BELL, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia; & LYNN BELL, Curry School of Education, University of Virginia

When leaders from a variety of content-specific education organizations met at the National Technology Leadership Retreat 2001 to discuss technology’s role in education, they were asked why more teacher educators were not integrating educational technology in their instruction (see Bell, 2001, for the full list of participants, as well as other issues discussed). One of […]