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Should the Computer Teach the Student, or Vice-Versa?


A note from the editor… Arthur Luehrmann first conceived the parable reprinted herein at a Boston educational conference in 1972. It was remarkably prescient. I first encountered it when it was republished in Robert Taylor’s, The Computer in the School: Tutor, Tool, Tutee, in 1980. It has remained on the bookshelf above my desk for […]


“Should the computer teach the student…”: 30 years later

by ARTHUR LUEHRMANN, Publisher, Computer Literacy Press

  Until editor Lynn Bell suggested I write a page or two about how things have turned out since 1972 (the year I presented the paper “Should the Computer Teach the Student, or Vice-Versa?” at a Boston conference) I hadn’t reread this little parable in ages—probably not since Bob Taylor republished it in “The Computer […]