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Repackaging for the 21 st Century: Teaching Copyright and Computer Ethics in Teacher Education Courses

by COLLEEN SWAIN, University of Florida; & ELIZABETH GILMORE, Texas Wesleyan University

In today’s world it is quite common to see old ideas repackaged and presented to consumers in sleek new containers. This repackaging also occurs in the educational realm. For example, the violence seen in schools has prompted the call for character education, media literacy, and conflict resolution training. Many of these instructional programs, although possibly […]


Internet Plagiarism: A Teacher’s Combat Guide

by JILL SUAREZ, Bossier Parish Community college; & ALLISON MARTIN, Bossier Parish Community college

  Have you ever sat down to grade a student’s paper and wondered, ‘Where in the world did this come from? I know Suzy Sleepalot did not write this paper.’ Educators across the country are facing the dilemma of plagiarism more and more. To combat plagiarism, teachers need to know what it is, the strategies […]