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Making a Place for Technology in Teacher Education with Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

by MARSHA ALIBRANDI, North Carolina State University; & JEAN PALMER-MOLONEY, SUNY Oneonta

What is GIS and why incorporate it into teacher education? This article introduces Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology as a viable interdisciplinary technology application with implications for teacher education. Two models illustrating the incorporation of GIS into teacher education are described; one from a large, public university, the other from a small, private, four-year college. Each model represents first steps toward GIS integration in teacher education. The two settings are not unique, but because neither institution houses a Geography department, the integration of GIS has fallen under the purview of the teacher education program. As GIS is incorporated into schools and into teacher education, these models may offer options for similarly configured institutions lacking departments of geography.

The Need to Leverage Theory in the Development of Guidelines for Using Technology in Social Studies Teacher Preparation: A Reply to Crocco and Mason et al.

by PETER E. DOOLITTLE, Virginia Tech

  There is currently a wave of interest within education regarding the appropriate use of technology in the classroom (Maddux, Johnson, & Willis, 2001; Owston, 1997). This interest is also readily apparent within the specific domain of social studies (Berson, Cruz, Duplass, & Johnston, 2001; Ross, 2000). Mason, Berson, Diem, Hicks, Lee, & Dralle (2000) […]