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Internet Tools for Facilitating Inquiry

by CHRISTOPHER J. MOORE, St. Mary Middle School; & RICHARD HUBER, University of North Carolina Wilmington

  Although the science education community values inquiry-based science instruction, the goal remains illusive. In the absence of significant changes designed to provide teachers with better support for inquiry teaching, true inquiry-based instruction is probably not a realistic option for many science teachers (National Research Council [NRC], 1996), especially novice teachers (Crawford, 1999; Huber & […]

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Implicit Instruction in Technology Integration and the Nature of Science: There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

by RANDY BELL, University of Virginia

Although at first glance introducing technology and introducing the nature of science into classroom instruction may appear to be very different issues, several parallels between the two topics can be drawn. Both topics are recommended by current science education reform documents. Both are innovations in that they require commitments and actions differing from teachers’ typical […]

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