Ellen Meier

Editor for Current Practice

Dr. Ellen Meier is Associate Professor of Practice, Computing, and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and director of the Center for Technology and School Change.  She also coordinates the Technology Specialist Certification Program for the Department of Math, Science and Technology.  Her research is focused on the emerging role of technology in creating engaging learning environments, particularly for urban students.  The Center has worked with scores of schools and hundreds of teachers to identify the factors that affect meaningful use of technology in the classroom. The resulting model, “Innovating Instruction,” is currently funded by the National Science Foundation. Meier has also worked with educators in Ghana, Bulgaria, Mexico, Chile and Korea.  She is co-chair for the University of the State of New York’s Technology Policy and Practice Council, which advises the Board of Regents on technology issues, and serves on the New York Online Advisory Council.

Ellen Meier
Associate Professor
Co-Director, Center for Technology & School Change
Teachers College, Columbia University
Box 8, 525 W. 120th Street
New York, NY 10027